About us

Hotel Finse 1222

clings to a mountainous wilderness where one wouldn't expect a high-standard hotel to operate.

There is no road access here. We rely on close collaboration with the train and the forces of nature. But that's exactly what makes the stay up here so unique and special.

There is no city noise, groomed ski slopes of other ski resorts, pubs, or mountain-urban life - it's all far away.

We are located between national parks, breathtaking landscapes, trails, and solitary ski tracks. With only 45 rooms, beautiful halls and communal areas, phenomenal views, an enthusiastic kitchen, and a staff that looks forward to your visit.

We are situated on the platform of the highest elevated station on the Bergen Line. Just a few steps and you're here.

And then we can present our fully renovated hotel. We have taken a step back into our colorful history - to the time when the high-mountain experience of Finse was world-famous. Back then, it was unique to be able to reach such heights in untouched nature.

That hasn't changed. While the pressure on the high mountains increases, little Finse has hardly changed in over 100 years. It is just as unique now as it was then.

Finse is situated high enough to offer plenty of snow regardless of climate change! The snow arrives early in the fall, and at the end of the season, we can invite you to summer skiing in May and June.

Then comes the fantastic summer. With that, unique experiences in the high mountains open up. In just two days, you can bike one of the finest routes in Northern Europe, the Rallarvegen, and also hike on a spectacular glacier. And, of course, enjoy the tranquil summer at such high altitudes.

Our little hotel is perfect whether you are active and want to challenge yourself or simply want to relax. You can come alone, meet others, or come with family and friends.

We can organize special events, secluded meetings, parties, weddings, or conferences. We cater to groups from 1 to 100, and we gladly tailor something truly special for you.